You know Doc Dog is a duo of a trio,

but our EASY programs are a quattro…

like a  fit four wheel drive auto 4×4!


Here are your EASY programs – the four most important “wheels” in your life. Eat + Act + Sleep + Yes. All of these four “wheels” drive the main parts of your Auto NS (Autonomic Nervous System). All must be well balanced. We do it by Auto NS control!   Just learn to drive your Auto NS, you’ll go far in life…

Everybody can benefit from our EASY fit system by Auto NS mastering. From average Joe and Jane to movie stars like Jason Statham and Jane Fonda! Sport legends like Maria Sharapova and Michael Jordan too. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger and the top models of  Victoria Secrets… would kill to find our Auto NS secrets! For EASY  self-improvement programs of  body and mind…

You can find them here for free. Just see the modules by the links below:


Eat      Act     Sleep      Yes

Emotions     Attractiveness     Success     Youthfulness


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