E.P.I.T.O.M.E is the epitome of fast big muscle growth!

It’s for tons of big muscles… or for toning lean muscles.

Yes, EPITOME is like a laser… super powerful and flexible! You can fine-tune it for toning your lean muscles… or  for building huge muscles in healthy way.  Yes you can max your muscles with Epitome… but our real pursuit is of happiness. It starts by balancing the harmony of your body and mind.

You know that the LASER changed the world of technology… EPITOME is about to change the world of fitness and health! EPITOME or E.P.I.T.O.M.E. is the short name of…      Exercise Progressive Intensity Traction On Muscle Extension. The long name may be… long and complicated, but the essence of this completely new way of training is simple and easy.

Before unveiling to you the secrets of our innovation, let’s tell you a small personal secret. You know that Doc Dog and EASY system are the babies of the union of a medical doctor and a psychologist. OK, but the medical doctor is not just a general practitioner… You have here a surgeon orthopedic doctor! An orthopedist specialist of the prevention and correction of injuries of the human skeletal system and associated muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments.

OK, so what? That’s why, we develop EASY system and EPITOME as powerful, efficient and  safe programs for your health. Doc Dog  helps you max your muscles by maxing your safety, body-mind harmony and quality of life.

Enough bragging, now back to E.P.I.T.O.M.E. It’ s still  in the experimental phase, but it has a very promising potential! Indeed EPITOME is a direct adaptation to humans of well proven animal scientific experiments with weights and exercises. Ah, just don’t think now… come on Doc Dog,  humans are not dogs or rats or birds! Yes sure, but on a pure biological level the similarities with us are striking. Anyway, Epitome is also a synthesis of Doc Dog’s experience in orthopedics and psychology, some human history and anthropology studies as well as the general principles of massotherapy, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, fitness and bodybuilding. In plus we respect the principles of well respected muscle scientists as Dr Brad Shoenfeld, Phd and Dr Jacob Wilson, Phd,  Brad is like the Brad Pitt in the kingdom of muscle hypertrophy science. Jacob is known also as The Muscle Prof.

Here are some pieces of the big puzzle in search of the Holy Grail of… the biggest muscle:

1) In 1973 Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr Olympia… but something more interesting happened that year!  The scientist Sola was the first to establish that  continuous passive stretching of birds muscles by constant weight on a wing for days… resulted in a muscle growth (Hypertrophy) and increased muscle fibers number (Hyperplasia)! Wait, wait,  hyper duper what? Hyperplasia… new muscle fibers! It’s one thing growing the size of your existing muscle fibers (hypertrophy)… and absolutely another thing creating new muscle fibers (hyperplasia). Just keep reading and you’ll get the importance of all the practical benefits for you.

2) After Sola, several other researchers for several decades investigated further the Sola procedure.  They called it chronic stretch and they tested it on birds, rats, rabbits., etc.  Thus on different species of the jungle, but not on humans! Remember chronic stretch is nothing like the sport stretch that humans do for a few seconds. Chronic stretch is putting a weight on a wing or limb and keeping it without rest for days or weeks, even a month and more! Maybe for the animals it was worse experience than being an old time prisoner in heavy chains. But the results of this chronic stretch procedures were mind blowing… and muscle blowing! Just 2 to 4 weeks of constant stretching produced from about 100 to 200% increase in the muscle mass! In plus it created new muscle fibers… about 50 to 75% more fibers! Frankly, Arnold and many other top level bodybuilders would kill… themselves for having such fast and powerful results. Arnold joke apart, some of the elite bodybuilders literally killed themselves with steroids and monster workouts… but even they didn’t hang on their arms constant weights during 24h for a7 days a week or a full month. Hmm, what about you? should you do it or what? Keep reading my friends.

3) Time jump to year 1993 and the world record, of all times, of a biggest muscle growth for a month! Dr Jose Antonio did it. Not by him self, but by a bird.  Here is the record 334% increase in muscle mass with up to a 90% increase in fibers number… yes in only one month! Now, you may think again… oh a bird, it’s not gonna fly for humans! Pigs… oops humans don’t fly.  Yet, pigs and we humans do fly…. by  planes and some other adaptations. Anyway,  let’s see what Antonio did with his bird.  Indeed it was not a single bird, but 26 quails. If it was just one bird, we could not know if it was a typical one or a freak Hulk type. So we know the birds were quite a lot and normal! In plus normal adults, not growing youngsters.  Antonio used the above mentioned Sola and cie kind of chronic stretch… but he added a progressive overload scheme! In a kind of intermittent way! A bit like our fellow bodybuilders, the bird had a day of work out, then a rest for two days and again workout. But the ”workout” was nothing like we know. It was hanging  a weight on the right wing for a whole 24h day! It started with the weight of 10%  of the bird body mass… and progressed every couple of days till 35% of the body mass. Don’t forget, it was a progressive weight hanging on the wing, constantly for 24h every third day, during one month.  Monstrous work with monstrous 334% muscle growth! As Antonio, the father of this experiment, exclaimed in one recent  article: “Imagine if humans could grow that fast.  Yeah.  And imagine if Kate Upton shows up at your next birthday party.”

Kate Upton Sports IllustratedHmm… here is the Kate Upton dream illustrated thanks to Sport Illustrated! OK, but Doc Dog is a bit crazy, so I  did imagine Kate coming to my party…. even to my bed! My imagination flying on the wings of Antonio’s bird flied even further… to all hot models in the bed! Ah maybe not in my bed… but at least in their beds doing passive load stretching exercises! That idea was so strong that I could not forget it! No, not that idea of all the models in my bed. The idea of adapting the powerful chronic stretch exercise to humans in an easy human way.  So I continued flying, oops digging deeper in the research studies.

4) Kate apart, let’s look now closer to the naked position of… muscles. For humans and all other animals, it’s well established in medicine  that casting a muscle in the eccentric phase (lengthened position) results in maintenance of muscle mass. However if a muscle is immobilized in concentric, shortened position, then it leads to atrophy… loss of muscle. The key here is that the eccentric, thus elongated muscle position, brings the positive result. You may think, it was just maintenance not muscle gain… Indeed it’s like an escalator against you! You must advance in order to stay on the same place.  Thus the eccentric muscle position is a real key.  We keep telling eccentric, eccentric… In case you don’t understand it, eccentric is not in the sens of crazy… it means elongated position of the muscle. In other words relaxing or resting position. For example in a biceps curl the eccentric (lengthened muscle) position is at the open bottom end of the move. Concentric is when you flex your arm, thus in the short contracted muscle position (top end of the biceps curl). Medical casting apart, in normal everyday situation, you can have eccentric positions of your muscles… for example when  stretching with weights on your arms. Yes just like the animals above., but in a controlled relaxed manner. This bring us in present days to Jacob and his ladder, oops to Dr Jacob Wilson and his muscle raising efforts,

5) Nowadays, the said Jacob, not the one with the big ladder, but with the big muscles… has done some kind of indirect adaptations to humans of the ground breaking work of Antonio with birds in 1993. You remember these  birds world record of over 300% increase of muscle mass in one month. So Jacob”s way of modification was to develop a program for bodybuilders. He did it in a typical bodybuilder fashion. So he created  Intra Set Stretching protocols. In brief, it is about doing a normal bodybuilding set with a weight allowing 12 – 15 reps to failure. Then  at the end of the set, without resting,  letting the weight stretch the exercised muscles. That’s it. How about the results? According to Jacob’s word in his bodybuilding.com article: “After 5 weeks we found that the stretching group doubled the muscle gains of the non-stretching group!” It’s the word of a professor, not a mere gym guru, so it deserves credit.  But wait a minute. Doubling a result sounds good, even very good, just don’t interpret it as increasing the one’s muscle mass with 100%. Why? For example if the one group increased the muscle mass by 5%, the other group’s double is… 10%. That’s very very far away from the 200 -300% percents actual muscle mass increase in the animal models. In other words the animal type of stretching brings 20 to 30 times bigger rate of muscle increase than the humans loaded stretching of Jacob’s protocols!Think again 20 to 30 times more… it’s an enormous difference. Frankly, it’s like lost in translation… this  Jacob’s way of  modification of the animal protocol to humans looses enormous power and potential! It  worths thinking! Here is the big question? Is it because the protocols were not adapted the right way from animals to humans… or because animals have some super extra human capabilities to gain muscle.  Doc Dog knows the answer. Wait and see below.

6) After the Jacob’s ladder to the low sky, back to earth… and the animals. Here is a a very interesting study! It answers in part the big question if the problem is in the translation, oops the adaptation of the animal protocols to humans… or the animal super muscles.

Muscle Hypertrophy Models: Applications for Research on Aging, 2005
Stephen E. Alway, Parco M. Siu, Zsolt Murlasits, and David C. Butler

This is a review of a number of animal weight training models comparing different types of exercises and the results in muscle mass increase.  The protocols were 4 types: Progressive Resistance Exercise weights (PRE), Electrical stimulation, Tendon surgery, Intermittent stretch overload.  Let’s focus on the first and the last mentioned.

rat-lifting-weightsPRE Progressive Resistance Exercise was pretty much like  the typical bodybuilders sessions you know. Yes just like your bro gym rats you know.

But, look what a real gym rat look like. The pic is from the blog of big Antonio and it illustrates “strength training apparatus adapted from Tanaka et al (1992).”

Read and see the results of “gym rat”.


On the other hand, Intermittent stretch overload was like all the above mentioned points of chronic stretches… with one key detail! Intermittent stretching! Kind of Antonio’s birds protocols working 24h then resting a couple of days, then work again. But in this review study of many studies… the range of the intermittent loaded stretching  was larger! The workout time was  from less than an hour to more than 24h hours.

Before we continue, just in case  you wonder if this this kind of stretching provoked health problems to the animals. As the researchers wrote:  ”Stretch overloading is a non-invasive, non-surgical means for inducing hypertrophy. This implies that the experimental setup of stretch does not induce any severe inflammatory response”.

Let’s see the amazing results of this study for the two best types of exercises for muscle gains: Resistance Training Exercise vs Intermittent loaded stretch!

Resistance Training for 8 to 37 weeks resulted in 10 to 37% muscle mass increase. (By the way rather similar to human rates of time and muscle increase,)

Intermittent Loaded Stretch for 2 to 4 weeks resulted in… 160 to 300% muscle mass increase!

Just to see if we compare apples to apples… the weight loading increase of Resistance Training was in the range of 260 – 280%. For the Intermittent stretch the loaded weight increased 10 to 35%. In other words the stretching guys, oops animals had to progress the intensify of the workouts much less than the heavy weight animals! Despite that stretching leaded to much powerful muscle increases.

That’s it.  We have a big answer of a big question for a big muscle! Look again, the loaded intermittent stretch grows the  muscle about 10 (ten) times more than the resistance training! Moreover much faster about 7 (seven) times faster! Thus simple and simplistic math 10 x 7 it’s like 70 (seventy) times or about 7000 % (seven thousand percents) better results of loaded stretch vs resistance training.  “Better” in terms of combined much less time and much bigger muscular response. Anyway, one major sign here is that as the animal Resistance training (like bodybuilding) gives relatively comparable results to humans Resistance training… then animals don’t have super extra human muscle building powers! Thus chances are the astonishing much much superior results of the intermittent loaded stretching come from… the nature of the intermittent loading stretching

The last paragraph above is important, but was is unbelievably more important is what follows  below this paragraph! This review research has 34 pages! Among all the precious and not so precious information, finally we found the little one piece of the big puzzle for the bug muscle quest. It was hidden in one little page corner… neglected like Cinderella! Here are the 3 lines more important for us than the 34 pages of the study:

“There is evidence from chicken ALD muscles showing that ~30 minutes per day of a 5-week intermittent stretch was capable of inducing ~50% increase in muscle mass (Bates, 1993)”

That’s a golden chicken! Do you see why? Take a pause… Well it’s simple as a Columbus egg! 30 minutes per day is like a short human training session! Short, yet arguably the most powerful for a fast big muscle increase. Just for about a month… about 50% muscle growth! Never done by humans… even on steroids! What a chicken…unbelievable but true.

You see the animal intermittent stretching starts to get a bit closer to a more human training session duration and way of alternating work vs. rest periods.

As soon as we saw these crazy results we got  a crazy idea! To adapt directly the same type of animal intermittent loading stretch protocol to humans! Yes the same! Not the typical stretching for 30 to 60 seconds with very heavy load or no load. Indeed we aimed for 5, 15,  30 ,  60, 90 minutes, etc moderate time intervals of continuous load on a specific muscle group! This time range is normal for fitness sessions. With light to moderate weights of 10 to 35% of the body mass! Progressively with the workouts optionally increasing over 35%. The muscle stretching must be in relaxed, passive and elongated muscle eccentric phase. OK, how about the equipment, we started with some home made bandages of weights on the arms. Then we discovered rather heavy weight arm protectors like the weighted vests. Later on we adapted inversion tables with devices for locking comfortably arms instead of legs.  Step by step we developed a few patent applications of methods and apparatus for EPITOME. Keep reading here and you will know how we finally got to the final EPITOME… and how you can benefit from this promising new method.

To be continued very soon. In the meantime, please do not start doing such kind of loaded stretching exercises. Wait for our specific instructions and programs, as promised free for you! It is not about running with loaded arms or legs. It’s not about boxing, etc activities with weights on different parts on your body. We’ll show you very soon what EPITOME is and how to use it. Remember it’s like Laser, when mastered properly it gives you huge benefits. If not, you may severely harm your body and health. The stress on your body and nervous system if not managed properly could break you physically and psychologically. Remember Doc Dog is altogether an orthopedic doctor and psychologist, We know what we are speaking about, In brief wait and see. 


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