Eating  right is all about balance.

You just do not need any diet…

Not even – Triple Balance Diet!


Here you’ll find our triple balanced nutrition principles. It’s a system, not a diet. But as so many people die for a diet, some of them for real… we call it Triple Balance Diet (TBD).

We offer you the old way and new way. Our old way is a classical approach. Our new way is an innovative one.

All you need for the Old Way:

3 main tricks:

  1. Eat  3 or 4 times per day (3 meals, plus-minus 2, so 1 to 5).
  2. Balance the 3 main ingredients: proteins, fats and sugars.
  3. Stop it –  1, 2 or 3 bits before you are full.

Plus 3 extra tricks:

  1. Minimize processed foods and drinks
  2. Maximize natural foods and drinks
  3. Tune Eat with Act, Sleep, Yes program

Then 3 + 3 is for the 3:

  1. Maintaining  weight
  2. Loosing weight
  3. Gaining weight

By the 3 optimum:

  1. Rest – digest and cell regeneration
  2. MPS – Muscle Protein Synthesis
  3. Own GH – Growth Hormone

All you need for the New Way:

  1. The Old Way
  2. Mix main diets: IF, Keto, Vegan…
  3. Optimization to your personal needs

How come this (3 + 3 + 3) x 3… Old Way and New Way… is good for everyone in every way?

Simply TBD – Triple Balance Diet is well… balanced!

The key is the triple optimum of your: rest – digest and cell regeneration; MPS – Muscle Protein Synthesis; Own natural GH – Growth Hormone (and all other hormones). You’ll find more about it in our blog soon.

For now the most important is that Eat is just an “wheel” in the 4 wheel  drive system of EASY (Eat, Act, Sleep, Yes). Your balanced “wheel” of Eat TBD will simply be tuned in the direction of all your “four wheels” Auto NS™ (Autonomic Nervous System)

By your free personalized program EAT – EASY

Find it by your personal test here (coming soon).


You will discover, also soon, our blog posts with the scientific references and detailed explanations about TBD™.  As well as plenty of practical examples of TBD – Triple Balance Diet. Including how to get best natural doses of vitamins, minerals and supplements by… eating. In plus, our methods how to optimize the main diets of our friends from Intermittent Fastening, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc. By  Intermittent Intermittent Fastening™, Intermittent Keto™, Intermittent Paleo™, Intermittent Vegan™

Finally, we’ll show you our Lucky Eat™ by lucky days…

To sum up TBD – Triple Balance Diet™ mixes the best of all best diets… but again is not a diet! It’s a flexible system. You can adapt it to your needs, the way you like. Enjoy it naturally for life – a long happy life… 

Now, you can see the next ”wheel” of Auto NS Act

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