BMP – Body Mind Programming

by HP – Hypothalamus Pituitary


What’s this HP hippopotamus pit…? Well, Hypothalamus – Pituitary is like a double ”Hewlett Packard”  in your brain. It’s the central board computer of your Auto NS.

Did you read the page Auto NS? OK, great, then you know that Auto NS is your Autonomic Nervous System. You know it drives all cells in your body! All the cells that you are made of… including your fats, muscles, bones, skin, heart, even brain! You know too that you drive Auto NS… by CAP stress control. In order to program your body, mind, health and life.

You can do it by commanding your Hypothalamus Pituitary… the automatic commanding center of your body.

If you got scared with my computer and programming abracadabra. Remember all with me is… EASY! As easy as Eat, Act, Sleep, Yes. With our EASY programs you can program easy your body mind transformation…. We call it BMP – Body Mind Programming.

For those that prefer modeling than programming. You can model yourself by BMM – Body Mind Modeling.

Whatever you call it, BMM or BMP… it’s about HP. Your Hypothalamus and Pituitary control.

To be continued…

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