Our EASY programs are like Audi quattro.

The action model you drive is AUTO NS

You get the best body of your genetic model!


AUTO NS is your Autonomic Nervous System.

It changes directly or indirectly all cells in your body! All the cells that you are made of… including your fats, muscles, bones, skin, heart, even brain!

Auto NS especially controls automatically your autonomic internal body processes as:

Heart and breathing rates, Blood pressure, Body temperature, Immune system (aka our  IBM – Immuno Body Modeling™), Inflammation, Digestion, Metabolism, Muscle Protein Synthesis, Bone formation, Fats transformation, Balance of Water and Electrolytes, Body fluids, HP Axis (HP – Hypothalamus Pituitary or we call it HP the “Hewlett Packard” in your brain…),  Hormones secretions (aka our HM – Hormone Modeling™…), Neurotransmitters synthesis, Sexual response, Orgasm, etc.

Let’s not stop with sex and orgasm… even your organs  depend on it. We repeat Auto NS makes and breaks all your cells… Or it brakes and makes all your cells!

All regeneration and degeneration of the cells in your body depend on your Auto NS (Autonomic Nervous System)!

You aim to build muscles… Auto NS™ is for you. If you need to loose fat… Auto NS™ is for you. You want better bones, heart, skin by activation of your stem cells… Auto NS™ is for you. Whatever you need in your body-mind, you can achieve it by mastering your Autonomic Nervous System. You can do it by our Act training programs of EASY FITNESSEASY YOGA and much more

Many science books present the Autonomic Nervous System as… autonomic (independent of your will and consciousness). So they consider that you can’t control your heart, blood pressure, metabolism, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc… without external factors. For example like drugs.

OK, Let’s say Auto NS  is like a super automatic car… all internal processes are autonomic. Even so, you are still the driver!

You drive it. You direct it. You speed up by the gas pedal. You slow down by inertia or the brake pedal.

In Auto NS the main two systems are:

-The gas pedal – the speed up action system (aka Sympathetic Nervous System – SNS). Or Stress System (fight or flight). GAS IS STRESS.

-The brake pedal or inertia – the slow down system (aka Parasympathetic Nervous System – PNS). Or rest – digest – regenerate. BRAKE IS MAKE… BY REST.

It’ s clear you can’t drive only with the gas pedal or only with the brake pedal… but it is what most people do! Some people even push gas and brake pedals both together. Don’t lough, you may be one of them… when driving your Auto NS! For example in fitness or yoga practice, but especially in your life.

Auto NS is all about balance of  STRESS and REST!

Stress by most people, even the health experts, is seen as something bad. A thing they try to avoid… it’s wrong. Yes, stress when chronic (prolonged)  is a poison. But you know, the  dose makes the poison! The right dose of a poison makes a life saving medication.

OK, but how to know  when stress is good or bad? Here is Doc Dog’s stress rule to rule the stress…

CAP (C.A.P. = Controlled stress + Acute stress + Positive stress)

Imagine you have a magic bottle with a giant spirit in it. The giant can be super bad or super good. He can kill or fulfill… any of your wishes to transform your body, mind and life. If you let him out of the bottle, he becomes evil. If you master him, he gives you his great powers. All you need to control this mighty bottle and spirit is… CAP.

That’s it. That’s what we do. We drive Auto NS by CAP stress control system™. Your Act training programs here of Easy Fitness, Easy Yoga and much more… are based on the finest science of the Autonomic Nervous System – stress management. By mastering your stress, thus cells regeneration… you transform yourself.  It’s  an easy control of your body-mind and life direction… So that you to have the body, mind and life you love!


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