SELECTIVE GROUP IMMUNITY by selective group isolation


by selective group isolation

Gradual solution of the self isolation & Covid19 crisis.

Did you see my test how to get out the elephant of the snake?

Ok here is the general Method:

  1. Selection of two distinctive groups of the population (health group vs risk group).
  2. Health group is allowed free movement. Risk group is isolated. (no mixing between members of both groups).
  3. Health group acquires natural group immunity (if the group is large portion of the population 60 – 90% it should  lead to group immunity of the whole population).

In the case of Covid19:

  1. the Health group must be divided to small subgroups (example all healthy people aged 20 to 29 or even 20 to 25 vs the rest of the group; another preferable example is age group of 20 to 40 but only  those persons that do  not live with members of the risk groups).
  2. Only the selected sub group is with free movement. The rest  of the health group + risk group form the selective isolation group.
  3. The selected sub group acquires natural immunity. Then, another sub-group joins the selective immunity group. And so on till gradually all sub-groups form the total health group with natural herd immunity.

This will stop the spread of this coronavirus SARS Cov2 and will protect naturally the risk group. If in the meantime vaccine is created the risk group will be further protected.

to  be continued…

In the meantime please follow strictly the official directives of your governments.

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