Doc Dog - Let's kill it

Even a cowboy mask is better than no mask!

GSM W – the easy pack to protect you.

GSM W stands for Glasses, Soap, Mask* and Water.

That’s it, plus social distance to kill it. The Coronavirus.

*“Studies done during the SARS epidemic of 2003 found that for medical professionals, wearing any type of mask compared with none, can reduce chances of getting sick by about 80%” Mark Loeb, infectious disease specialist, McMaster University, Hamilton.

Did you know that the said SARS epidemic of 2003 was caused by another coronavirus?! It was the near twin brother of the new king coronavirus  causing Covid19 aka SARS2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)! Just read my article SARS1 and SARS2 in my blog.

Now about the current SARS2. First, remember this Coronavirus of Covid19 is DECEITFUL! It may be mild to about 80% of the infected people camouflaging like a flu or common cold… BUT it may be severe causing SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) to the other up to 20%! Especially for aged people with pre-existing chronic health problems. So up to every 2 out of 10 infected persons may need hospitalization, Some part of them needing  intensive care units and special respirators “ventilators” for several weeks, even months! It may lead to overcrowding of the hospitals and the health system (like already in Europe, especially in Italy… and USA, especially in New York). Which may increase wildly the proportion of fatalities! Instead of having, in a well controlled situation, as low as near  1 dead person of 100 infected… the chaos may raise the fatalities as high as to about 10 deaths per 100 infections! If so, it would be a huge  mortal ratio… for this novel virus spreading like ta flu virus! Although it’s not a flu virus.

Do the math and you’ll see the sum of all fears. If the situation is not controlled, it would  become like  a mass Russian roulette. It would be as bad as the whole world to play with a partly loaded revolver.  Let’s say with 1 deadly bullet out of 10… would you aim the revolver at your head? Would you pull the trigger? If your head is sane… you would never do it! Anyway my comparison with the Russian roulette is not good enough. The solution would be super simple, simply to throw the gun and not to play with it.

But the real example is: in war-time with flying bullets in the air… would you go for no reason anywhere?! Well, this Coronavirus  is like zillions of  bullets everywhere!

Here the solution is not simple, but it’s still easy.

My cowboy pic above says all. I’s artistic, but based on science! You see how to kill it:

  1.  I’m a lone doc cowboy (thus  I keep social distance of at least 6 foots or 1.8 meters).
  2.  I wear Glasses  (any goggles can protect my eyes, the bigger the better)
  3.  I use Soap with water (any soap is good)
  4.  I wear a Mask (a washable cowboy mask! Any  mask, bandana, kerchief do help)
  5.  I use Water with soap (any water is OK, the hotter the better, but don’t burn you)

It’s easy to do. It’s easy to remember. A lone dog cowboy with GSM W (Glasses, Soap, Mask*, Water).

Let me add to the above points some good common sense notes. Unfortunately common sense is not that common.

All my 5 points point to the fact that the Coronavirus of Covid19 can attack you only by your mouth, nose and eyes! So shut up your mouth, use your nose flair, open your eyes and listen to my advice. 

  1. Why n How to be a lone cowboy? Oops I mean to keep  social distance. What’s the magic of 6+ foots (1.8+ meters). Well no magic here.  It’s mere physics. An infected person can propel the virus in saliva and nose secretions droplets of up to 6 foots by coughing, sneezing, even speaking and breathing.  So stay away.
  2. Why  n How to wear glasses? Especially in public closed spaces. So that to stop the bullets, oops the virus  from entering in you by your eyes. It seems the eyes are not the preferred way of this Coronavirus. Still better be safe and cool, than sorry. Any type of glasses can help, but the better contoured around your eyes –  the better (small gaps to your eyes is preferable),   The bigger the better.
  3. Why n How to use Soap and water? It’s proven, simple soap is great for you against this virulent virus. I bet now everybody knows, you must wash your hands well to inactivate the virus. But what some people may not know is the reason is not that the virus may infect you by your hand. At least not directly! Simply when the virus is on your hands, you may touch your eyes, nose, mouth. Or the eyes, nose, mouth of your friends. Or you can touch any other object, this virus may stay  up to a few days, then other people can touch and then touch the eyes, nose, mouth. So, touch from time to time the soap, but don’t touch your mouth, nose, eyes.
  4. Why n How to wear a Mask? To mask or not to mask this is the question! It’s as simple to answer as the Shakespeare’s to be or not to be. If you want to have better chances  to be… then put a mask. Lyrics apart, why do you think we doctors use masks in hospitals? By the way simple masks as yours. Well, it’s not to protect you, if we are infected. It’s first of all to protect us from getting infected! Here is another existential question… What do you think is the main difference in the government measures of Asia vs North America and Europe? How come China, South Korea, Japan, etc. Asian countries controlled so well the spread of this cruel virus?! I bet the answer is …the mask! Not the mask of Jim Carrey. In the said Asian countries the leaders encouraged all the people to wear masks. But the governments of major Western countries, including USA and Canada, as well as WHO the World Health Organisation, in general discouraged healthy people to use masks.  Why? I think the reason is simple and reasonable. There is a  shortage of masks, even for medical people! So to avoid the risk of having unprotected professionals in the health system, the policy makers advised the general healthy population against the masks. Frankly it makes sense. Half sense.  The half part  I agree with is, yes if you have shortage of protection material, you give it first to the people in the front lines. It’s like in war, soldiers need more protection equipment than civilians. Doctors, nurses and all the people in the hospitals that save us must be saved first. But the other half part is… if you don’t have the current industrial capacity to make all the masks the people need, why don’t you encourage the people to home made them and self-help? Governments apart, I don’t like speaking about politics, I don’t even like writing so long… unless it is really important for your health!  So to cut it short. If you can’t cut and sew a mask, then you can use a cowboy bandana like me in the pic! Or a scarf, or a kerchief. Any tissue can serve as a mask. Preferably thick cotton. Where to wear your mask? In closed public spaces, especially corridors, elevators, buildings, public transports, supermarkets, etc.  everywhere in closed public space where people meet, even if there is no people there at the moment. Also wear a mask in open spaces too, if crowded. But ff you are in open air where the people are rare, then you don’t need it, don’t care. One last note about masks. My cowboy bandana is better than the disposable masks! It’s way cooler. It’s washable. So I don’t throw it every couple of hours in the garbage of this garbage planet. By the way  a mask to be effective you must change it often and avoid to make it wet. I just have a few cowboy bandanas for masks and I wash them regularly. I urge to protect yourself and other people around you with masks. But protect the Earth too… with washable masks. I don’t want to be part of kind of billion people throwing a whole bunch of billions of masks. Why do you think the Earth may want to get rid of us?!… Think about the environment too. A bandana or a scarf are good enough. Washable cotton masks are the best.
  5. Why n how to use Water and soap? I got tired of writing about the masks. So just see my point 2 above about Soap and water. Anyway in fighting this virus and many others, I never use water without a soap or a soap without water. The hotter the water the better. Coronavirus don’t like it hot. Just don’t burn yourself. Any hot water works, even worm and cold.

Pfffff, so much writing and reading for something so easy! A lone cowboy with GSM W (Glasses, Soap, Mask, Water). That’s all you need to kill it.

Now, just do my life style measures and don’t worry. You would put all the chances on your side.  You would be safer with lower fatality risk than of a car accident or during seasonal flu epidemics.

Of course follow also the official measures of your government as well as the sanitary measures of your city. The more people follow strictly the protection measures – the faster we’ll kill this coronavirus = the fast we’ll come back to our normal life… a life.

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